Who We Are

Thank You for visiting EmikoDesigns!  

Our customers and their beloved pets are our number one priority.  You can expect us to treat our patrons kindly, offer timely service on your purchases, and donate our time and some financial resources to local non-profits who are committed to the health, safety and well being of animals and nature.

Our mission is to bring joy and love to pet parents through positive, caring interactions, and the highest standards of customer service and being environmentally responsible and conscious while providing fun, creative, and photo inspiring accessories.

Our values and guiding principles are honesty, dependability, creativity, compassion, and respect.  We are committed to employing these principles in all our business decisions and interactions. 


Meet the Maker

Hi friends! I'm Ann. I am the maker, creator, photographer, web designer, accountant, social media manager, and boss babe extraodinaire here at Emiko Designs. I opened this little shop as a way to channel my love and passion for household fur babies and sewing and creating cute accessories for our best friends.

Top Dog

As you may have assumed from the name of our shop, Emiko is the inspiration for Emiko Designs. When Emiko (Emi) has loved wearing bandanas since was a puppy, so it was an easy decision to make bandanas for her to dress her up for her fun modeling hobby. This girl is an absolute sweetheart that will wiggle her way into everyones heart.

Junior puppy officer

Yumiko is our special little nugget. She's actually not so little. She weighs about 45lbs and stands a little taller that her a little taller than her big sister. She is sort of a perpetual puppy though. She is just a big baby with lots of energy. Her personality makes us laugh and smile constantly.

The Shop Sweetheart

Remi is Emiko and Yumiko's canine cousin and best friend. Remi is a really special girl to us. She actually looks like the perfect combination of Emi and Yumi. She loves to wear products from our shop and she looks so perfect in everything!