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Who We Are

At EmikoDesigns, our customers and their beloved pets are our number one priority. You can expect us to treat our patrons kindly, offer timely service on your purchases, and donate our time and some financial resources to local non-profits who are committed to the health, safety and well being of animals and nature.

Our mission at EmikoDesigns is to bring joy and love to pet parents through positive, caring interactions and the highest standards of Customer Service while providing fun, creative, and photo inspiring accessories.

Our values and guiding principles are honesty, integrity, dependability, creativity, compassion, and respect.

Our Story

EmikoDesigns originally opened in November of 2018 on a popular online marketplace for artists and designers of handmade products.  We decided to branch out on our own and enjoy more shop independence by starting our website here in May 2020.  Our shop was inspired by Emiko who started wearing bandanas when she was a puppy.  We wanted more [hard to find] Asian inspired accessories to go with her Japanese name, so we started with scraps of fabric we had around the house, and that is how we ended up getting the idea to make more and more and EmikoDesigns came to life!

Meet the Team

One human and her three canine besties.

The EmikoDesigns Boutique Team works every day to create new designs to keep our pets in style.  We find inspiration from nature, fabric finds, human clothing, and so much more. 

Our Shop Owner

Hi friends! I'm Ann.  I am the maker, creator, designer, researcher, internet and social media content master, and everything else related to running EmikoDesigns Boutique.  I am a self-taught sewer that loves animals, probably more than offense to people, I just really love animals.

I have two dogs, Emiko and Yumiko.  They are really good pups for being as spoiled as they are! I would also love to have cats, goats, ducks, and chickens, but for now, I have my hands full with two dogs and a small business.

When I'm not working for EmikoDesigns or playing with the pups, I also enjoy hand lettering, playing golf, fishing, hiking, gardening, cooking, camping, kayaking and spending time with family.

Our Chief Petxecutive Officer

Emiko is the chief of everything around here.  Emiko is a rescue dog we adopted from a small local rescue organization called Lulubelle.  She was found on a New Mexico Indian Reservation with her littermates abandoned by their mom. Luckily, she was saved at a very young age and we were able to adopt her when she was 9 weeks old.

Her DNA testing proves she is 100% unique. She does not have a dominant breed. Her mix includes Lab, Staffy, Rotty, GSD, ACD, ChowChow, and others.

Emiko loves car rides.  She doesn't care where she is going, she just loves to go anywhere. She is pretty low energy and just loves to be with her people. Her favorite toy is the rubber Chuckit Ball thrown with a tosser.


Our Junior Puppy Officer

Yumiko is the baby of our family. She loves that role and fills it well. She is special in so many ways. Our little chicken nugget is playful, sweet, and a little cuckoo.  She always makes us smile and laugh with her silly and sometimes feisty personality.

Yumiko was found on the same Indian reservation as her sister, Emi. She and a single other littermate were left by a dumpster and luckily found by a local rescue that transferred them to Arizona where we were able to adopt her and life would never be the same - in the best way possible!!

According to Yumiko's EmbarkVet results, one of her parents was a full breed APBT. She also has Border Collie, ACD, and Chow Chow in her DNA.


The Shop Sweetheart

Remi is our shop Sweetheart. She is one of Emiko and Yumiko's canine cousins.  She looks amazing in everything and has never taken a bad photo.  Remi was a HALO rescue and her DNA test says she is 50% Cattle Dog and 50% German Wirehaired Pointer, but we say she is 100% adorable!  Remi has a tennis ball obsession and she gets along with all other dogs.

Remi's favorite product from the shop is our Pretty in Pink, Purple & Plaid tie-on scarf. 

Thank you

We want to express our gratitude  for your interest in our shop.  Your support means everything to us.  We have met so many wonderful people and pets since we started this small business.  We are so honored to have to opportunity to make accessories for your pets.  

To learn more about us, please find us on our social media channels.  We would love to meet you and your pets also!