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Meet our Shop Ambassadors

Our shop ambassadors are permanent super models for our shop.  They have become dear friends of the shop team and proven supporters and partners of our brand.  These team members consistently provide quality photos and social media posts/ads for our shop.


Jack is our gorgeous tri-colored border collie model from beautiful Nova Scotia.  He possesses a sweet, kind, and gentle personality with a huge thirst for adventure.

Jack loves outdoor adventures with his human mom and dad.  In the warmer months he enjoys hiking and exploring new waterfalls, beach fun, swimming at the lake, and camping.  In the cold Canadian winters, her loves snow hikes in the woods and enjoys playing in the snow.  This  stunning boy is all about having fun and enjoying life to the fullest.  He prefers playing with toys or doing an activity over food or treats any day.  His absolute favorite is frisbee.

When Jack is not off chasing adventure or his frisbee, he loves snuggling with his family and his feline pal, Ollie (also a model for our shop).


Einstein & Edison

Einstein & Edison are local pups (to our shop) and the real life best friends of our shop pups, Emiko and Yumiko.  These two cuties are as playful and lovable as can be! They are down for any activity you can give them!  They also love to be rewarded with treats and attention!


Xyla & Xara

These two beagle sisters are inseparable, living their best life in Southern California. 

Their family loves adventuring. If they aren’t exploring the trails, you can catch them running through the waves at the beach or splashing in the pool. 

Xyla & Xara are very food motivated, and will pretty much do anything for their favorite treats. They are also velcro dogs, and are very very very attached to their parents.  


Sophie, Noelle & Primrose

Sophie & Noelle were the first official models for our shop, and they are the Instagram besties of our shop pups, Emiko and Yumiko.

This little family grew recently and added Primrose. Prim is an Aussie/Collie mix who is as smart as she is adorable. We are so excited to watch her grow up and learn all there is to know about the world of dog modeling.

This squad has a loyal and engaged following because their personalities are magnetic.  We like to think of them as the hiking dogs of St. Louis as they are usually hitting the trails when they are out and about.  We love these girls and their moody facial expressions so much! 


Shelby & Marlo

Marlo is a blue heeler that came from an Amish family.  He was the inspiration for his human mom to start the Instagram account and photography hobby that caught the attention of our shop.  His mom refers to him as her heart dog and can’t imagine him by her side.  Marlo loves to play frisbee and fetch and enjoys learning new tricks and commands with food rewards.  Despite his size, comparable to his large American Akita sister, Shelby, Marlo is definitely the boss and runs the canine side of the household.  Size means nothing to Marlo and Shelby is okay with that. Marlo has a bigger than life personality while Shelby is very laid back and gentle.  Shelby likes to play fetch and tug, but she mostly loves being a couch potato or sitting at the windows and looking outside.  Shelby is the sweetest dog.  She loves humans and captures the heart of everyone who meets her.  


Marley, Nicco & Sierra

Marley and Nicco have been with our shop from the very beginning. Then came Sierra!  We were so happy when puppy Sierra joined her family and our EmikoDesigns team.  This trio is so sweet and happy.  We love seeing them in their gear as they can pull off any outfit they try on.  


Traeger & Willys

Traeger & Willys are the good ole' boys from California.  They love the Dodgers and hanging outside while they wait for the grillin' to be eaten.  These two boxers have great humor and are great with making fun edits with photos. We just love their faces!


Sawyer & Oakley

Sawyer Jameson & Oakley Amari are the two best friend that anyone could have.  Sawyer is a 3 yr old red merle Australian Shepherd, and Oakley is his 1 year old red tri-colored Australian Shepherd sister.  The minute their family brought Oakley home, these two Aussies became inseparable.  Their favorite activities are walks, runs, squirrel hunting, and adventures.  Also, Sawyer has a squeaky ball obsession and Oakley has a food obsession.  You can bet your sweet bottom that if there is a squeaky ball somewhere, you will find Sawyer there too.  And if you have treats, sweet little Oakley might just chomp your hand off.  This duo is the most snuggly, cuddly pair of doggos you can find.  If they could nap on their humans’ laps constantly, they certainly would.  

Sawyer is an amazing bandana model and looks good in all of them, but loves anything blue the most.  Oakley is a flower crown princess and absolutely looks like the queen she believes she is when she models her flower crowns.  We love this pair of Aussies so much and are so proud to have them show off our products. They will steal the hearts of anyone and everyone who meets them because of the loving personalities and beautiful, unique coloring.


Moses, Diva, Jasper, Luna, Willow, Gypsy, Finnegan, Fiona, Sterling, Orion & Penelope!


Blaze & Weekend

Blaze and Weekend are both American Terrier Pit Bull mixes from Indiana! Blaze and Weekend are both absolute momma’s boys and love to please!! They love to play frisbee, run, model for pictures, travel, and train! These two boys are also the face of their parents’ dog training business, Indy K9 Services. They are amazing breed ambassadors in for the state of Indiana and have became quite the little local celebrities! These stunningly handsome boys perform for crowds showing off their tricks and frisbee skills! They like to go to local parks, stores, and downtown Indy to show off their obedience! They are impressive boys that constantly amaze everyone who knows them because they are extremely hardworking, high drive, and loving dogs! This dynamic duo will be getting a little sister in May! A St. Bernard puppy! Her family can’t wait to bring her home and WE can’t wait to have her join our team.  We already know she is going to be a great model for Emiko Designs!  And the EmikoDesigns staff knows that this little puppy will be showered with love and has already hit the family jackpot!  



Pyper is our first and only human model.  She has a bubbly personality and loves to make people laugh.  She loves to go on an adventure and do things with her mom and the dogs.  She is very excited to be a part of the "doggy page" (as she calls it) that her mom runs. Modeling comes very naturally to Pyper as you can see!  She is always ready to strike a pose and bring her own ideas for photos.  She also loves to be the photographer, so either way, this girl might have a future both in front of or behind the camera!   

Pyper enjoys coloring and sending snail mail to family.  When she grows up she says she wants to be a press operator like her daddy.  She would also like to own a horse which she asks her parents about on a daily basis.  Our sweet little human model has the most infectious smile.  How can you not smile back at this adorable face?