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Meet Our Models

Our shop models consist of our temporary or newer members of our Promo Team.  They either recently joined our team or are not in a permanent commitment to post promos for our brand.  Some take regular breaks due to work or school schedules and other commitments.


Mocha is the sweetest, cuddliest, cutest rescue dog who loves adventure and snuggles with her mom & dad.  This adorable little Army brat is obsessed with zoomies and unicorns!  She has never taken a bad photo and we are surprised she has not been on the cover of a magazine or in a commercial with her unique beauty!  We love seeing her in anything from our shop and can’t wait to make her wedding day crown for the day she marries her fiancé, Zeus.  Yes, Mocha is an engaged pup, but don’t expect any babies from this gorgeous girl…she is fixed!



Ollie (Oliver) was adopted by his family in 2015 when he was 2 years old from the Colchester SPCA in Nova Scotia.  Since then, he enjoys being spoiled and loved.  He spends most of his time relaxing and watching birds.  Since Ollie is an indoor cat, his family has built several bird houses and bird feeders around their yard so he can watch the birds and squirrels.  He likes to spend his evenings snuggling or playing with his canine brother, Jack (one of our shop ambassadors).

Ollie loves to wear bandanas and comes running when you get one out for him. He is a very friendly, curious, and affectionate kitty who is much loved by his family and the EmikoDesigns team!  We love to see photos of this little sweetie in our gear!


Beau, Sterling & Onyx

Beau, Sterling, and Onyx are the gorgeous bengal brothers living their best kitty lives in the burbs of Chicago.  These kitties were born to be models.  They might even be part dog because they will pose for you with a treat!  Their adorable photos, fun personalities, and cute, funny, and thought out captions have earned them a large and loyal Instagram following.  We love watching them live their best lives!



Hami looks amazing in everything he has ever worn.  Bandanas, bowties, and scarves are part of his everyday attire.  Everything he has work from our shop has always been a hit with people when he goes out for an adventure.  Haji’s favorite is his sea turtle bandana and fancy plaid bowtie.  He loves being a model for us and says it has been the BEST experience and makes him feel like one fancy DOOD.  We love having him represent our brand and feel so lucky to have him on our team. 


Artica, Smyrna & Vega

This awesome heeler crew is the latest addition to our PromoTeam.  Artica is a 4 year old white heeler and her little sisters Smyrna and Vega are adorable cattle dogs. These three kiddos are trucker dogs which means every day is an adventure!



Milo is a 3 year old Catahoula Leopard Dog/Bulldog mix who loves to snuggle, lay in the sun, and do anything and everything cozy. Milo's family lives near the lake in Canada's beautiful British Columbia, so they can often be caught at the beach swimming, paddleboarding, picnicing, watching sunsets and just about everything in between.

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