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Purple Patch Collar

This collar has a beautiful purple floral print and is accented with a lighter purple fabric making a beautiful two tone collar.

Made with 100% cotton fabric over strong, durable polypropylene webbing and silver metal hardware.

Slips over your dog's neck and adjusts to size. Fit should be comfortably loose and will tighten when pulled.

Available in: limited slip and martingale style collars and 1, 1.5, and 2 inch widths. 

About the styles

Limited slip collars tighten to a certain point, but do not tighten indefinitely like a full slip collar.

Martingale collars are a type of limited slip collar made with a loop.

If used correctly, martingale and slip collars can be good training tools to teach your dog proper walking manners. These collars are designed to prevent your dog from escaping without the dangers or a strangulation from a choke chain or pain from a prong collar.

Please note these type of collars will not simply keep your dog from constantly pulling. Proper training and use are necessary. Using a limited slip or martingale collar on a dog that constantly pulls is unsafe and unpleasant for your dog. These collar styles are appropriate for teaching your dog appropriate leash manners and making incidental corrections and NOT to prevent a constant puller from pulling.

When attached to a leash while around your dog's neck, the collar will tighten and apply pressure to your dog's neck when he or she tries to pull against the leash. When your dog pulls on the leash, the collar will tighten. You should then give a quick, firm tug on the leash and immediately release. This action should be quick and effective. Do not continue pulling. When your dog corrects their behavior, the collar will loosen again. You should not pull on the leash and collar continuously. These collars are not intended to choke your dog or negatively affect their breathing during walks.

If you are new to using martingale or limited slip collars, please see professional training videos and websites for more information or contact a professional training for proper use for the safety of your pet.

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